What Is SEO? SEO For Beginners.

What is SEO? This is a common inquiry that most individuals ask. SEO or search engine optimization, in short, refers to the process by which websites boost their online presence to rank high on the search engine. Websites need to rank higher on the search engines so as to outshine their competitors. Ranking higher on the search engines would mean more frequent visitors and more sales in the long run. If you are now to SEO then you need to understand what it is and how to do it. Understanding how to rank higher on the search engine will be of great significance to you and your website.

Basic SEO tips that every beginner Ought To Learn:

What Is SEO? SEO For Beginners.
What Is SEO? SEO For Beginners.

Write Relevant Contents.

This sounds obvious; however, it’s not. When writing your articles, do so with your audience in mind. Avoid increasing the number of articles on your website just for fun. You can be successful in SEO and attract huge traffic to your website, but if you have no quality content on the site, you will not have any returning guests. Some attractive contents will significantly contribute to attracting and retain visitors.

Make Use of The Social Media.

Using social media plays a very significant role in the success of an SEO beginner. There are no special skills needed in this case, and every beginner can do this. You can use Facebook, Twitter and perhaps Google+ to direct traffic to your blog. Try to target your audience with your brand name on the media. This is likely to attract more individuals on your site and most probably elevate you to higher ranks in Google.

Avoid Excessive Ads.

You should avoid putting ads everywhere on your site. Try to maintain not more than just four ads per page or post. Using too many ads on a page or post give the impression that your page may be a spam site and has no quality contents. This checking has already been put in place in the page ranking algorithm of Google. Be warned!!!

Update Frequently.

How often you post content on your website plays a significant role in determining how successful you will be. Ensure that you frequently add content on your site at somewhat fixed intervals. Don’t be too quick to post all your content a once. Usually, when you begin a new website, you will have more articles to upload frequently, but after some time that frequency reduces. Be patient and ensure that you upload content at a regular interval.

Always Use Captivating Titles.

This is a straightforward SEO tip that anybody can quickly learn to do. Always ensure that anytime you create a new post, you use a title that is very captivating and attractive. Most individuals will ignore posts that have boring titles since nobody likes boring content. Let take an example of this article, a good title like “Top 7 Sure-Fire SEO Tips For Beginners” is an attractive title, whereas a title like “Some SEO Tips” sounds boring. In this case “Top 7 Sure-fire” anytime you search for anything on Google you will get too many results, you then choose to visit the one that would provide the information you are looking for. Obviously, the catchy one.

Make Use Of Site Maps.

Using the sitemap is of great importance since it gives the search engines a map for easy navigation and indexing of all the pages on your website. There are numerous popular plugins accessible for the WordPress platform that can assist you in handling this task efficiently. You can try SiteMap XML to create a sitemap for your website and then submit it to Google via the Webmasters Tools Page.

Writing Guest Posts.

Writing guests posts can help you in generating traffic to your site and likewise building some backlinks. You need to do this since you are a newbie and chances of getting a lot of views are minimal. Hence, if you write some Guests Posts for some bigs websites you will probably get backlinks through such posts and individuals might decide to visit your site from the guest post.

As a beginner, the above are some of the things that you can do to boost your SEO. Do the above to increase your ranking on google.

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